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Cult of Nickys

Redemption Through Tea...

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Redemption through tea
It all began, as so many things do, with a conversation in a pub about scary warrior goddesses...

Then there was The Miracle Of Weather Control On A Small Section Of The M6 Near Birmingham, and also The Miracle Of The Tea.

Offerings of tea, Green and Blacks dark chocolate, real ale, tea, poetry (more poetry and even more and a carol) or art work can be accepted at any local branch of the Cult.

The Teachings
"34. And there was much rejoicing.
35. And much eating of chocolate, which was even better than rejoicing."

The 10 Commandments
(currently in base twenty-two)

See also - The Apocrypha, (more Apocrypha), The Psalms (more Psalms) and The Joke

The Cult Gallery contains pictures of The Chocolate Synods, The Tea Synods, The Garlic Synod, The Banoffee Tribunal and The Miracle of The Cup Of Tea...

The Cult Wiki version 2.0 is now available.

The Aims of the Cult:

We have A True Purpose, but are also prone to being Distracted from it...
(oops... this is also distracting... and so is this... and all of these... sorry... what were we talking about...?)

For further information on Distraction, contact The Minister In Charge Of Distracting Cleavage and The Holy Seeker of the Rickman Schnozzola

For further information on smashing orangey bits contact The Holy Keeper Of The Recipe For Jaffa Cakes and see also giantjaffacakes

The official Cult holiday is NickysTide, celebrated on the 29th of August, the anniversary of The Teachings first being collected together.
Suggestions on appropriate ways to celebrate can be found here.

How you can help:

Well, aside from the obvious... ie talking slowly but kindly to us, encouraging us to get out in the healthy fresh air a bit more and stuff like that...

There is a Crusade to seek out and devour all milk chocolate in the city (contact Siblings torsparkles and redlauraa for details... or, alternatively, just go and eat some chocolate...)

And The Inquisition (led by Sibling rasilon_x is seeking flammable materials, heretics and a definitive version of the Dewey Decimal System.

A general explanation of the Ministries and their various recruiting strategies can be found here.

Sibling grendelsmere is Minister In Charge Of Implausible Excuses. Sibling bassresistance is Head of The Department Of Not Flirting (a subdivision of The Ministry Of Perfectly Innocent Explanations).
Sibling tehblahhh is Minister in Charge of Freshly Oiled Swedes (with special responsibility for not sending pictures of them to The Goddess...) and Sibling suzerain is appointed as Minister of Inappropriate Imagery. (again, with special responsibility for not sending images of freshly oiled Swedes to The Goddess...)
Sibling sutekhian is the Minister of Evil Sciences.

Inspectors of Braziers are Siblings luckylove, tatzlwurm and felishumanus</i>

Cult T-shirt design and suggestions for slogans

How you can thwart our evil designs:

Well, just as soon as we figure out what our evil designs are we'll conceal them in a suitably cunning and devious way and then you can get to work on the unmasking and thwarting stuff...

The position of Official Nemesis is currently filled by dark_claw, who is determined to Do Right in an appropriately moody and noir way...
Sibling digitalraven (Assistant Creator Of Perfectly Innocent Explanations) has undertaken the arduous task of out-noir-ing The Nemesis by cunning use of trench coats and leather hats.

And let us not forget to abide by the British Standard for Tea

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A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down, How to make a perfect cuppa, A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell, Neil Gaimen on tea and not forgetting The Meaning of Liff

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